We ♥ volunteers! Without them our event wouldn't be possible.

Every year we get an amazing group of people contact us wanting to get involved with the event.

In return, we compensate our volunteers and judges by providing food, apparel, a front row seat at the event and a great experience!

We are lucky to be oversubscribed for volunteers, so please be aware that priority will be given to those who have volunteered at our past events as it helps us to have experience on the team!

Volunteer pre-requisites: please only apply if you can confirm:

  • you will be able to arrive at the venue in London on Friday 3rd July at 1pm and stay until 9pm
  • you will be able to arrive at the venue at 7am on both Saturday 4th July and Sunday 4th and stay until 6pm
  • you have access to Google Docs or have a friend who is also volunteering who can access Google Docs on your behalf. Much of our volunteer comms is done via G-Docs so this is necessary sorry!
  • you can give up 2-3 hours of your time prior to the event to go over with your team leader what your job role will involve
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Are you able to meet all of the pre-requisites listed above? *
Have you volunteered at any of these events previously?
Would you be interested in being a Team Leader? *
This will involve some additional work and responsibility prior to the event - we will reimburse you with some extra goodies as a Thank You! • working with the British Champs team in the run up to the Games going over the roles your team needs to fulfil • having a say in which volunteers form part of your team • being the first point of contact for all volunteers in your team prior to and during the event • being responsible for ensuring all members of your team know where to be & when
If yes, please select the team you would like to lead
Please note all team leaders will need to arrive at the venue no later than 12pm on Friday.
If you don't want to be a team leader, or aren't selected, please select your preferred team to be part of *
See team descriptions below. You can apply to more than one team but on the weekend will be assigned to one team only.
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Mobile Number
We will need this to text updates to volunteers
Some information we may need if you are a volunteer so easiest if we collect it now!
(Please note we are covering all options here - the crew stash has not yet been confirmed)
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Assume Bella and Canvas shirts same as we had for The Athlete Games
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Women: leggings size
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This is dealt with separately - please see separate form if you want to apply as a judge.

Kit team:

You'll be out on the floor a LOT! Your job is to move kit around to ensure quick & smooth turnover from one heat to the next. Involves lifting & rolling various bits of kit. Some help will be needed on Friday evening to help set up the stations ready for the first heat to start first thing on Saturday.

Athlete line up:

You'll be based just off the floor by the warm-up area. You will be armed with the heat lists and schedule, and your job is to prepare the named score sheets ready for the next heat and to call forward the athletes in that heat. The athletes will line up, then when the Judge team calls the athletes are ready to pair up with their judges just before walking out on the floor. A secondary job is to monitor athletes in the warm-up area, making sure only the upcoming heats are warming up to prevent congestion.

Score team:

Your time will be split between the Score Room (the control centre for the event) and the floor. When on the floor your job will be to collect score sheets from judges for the previous heat & return them to the score room. When in the score room, you will be organising score sheets & entering scores onto the score system. There will be enough of you that everyone gets a stint in the score room & out on the floor so you'll see plenty of action.


Stash! You will be responsible for the British Champs merchandise stand. If you have an eye for setting things out smartly and enjoy selling then this is the place to be!

Door team:

We need a rotating team of people to scan people in the main entrance & hand out wristbands. Busy first thing then will die down for the rest of the day so you'll get plenty of chance to see the action!

Athlete registration:

The registration team (volunteers are not assigned this as a team, but volunteers from other teams will be assigned to this team just for Friday afternoon/evening).

Athletes are all required to register on Friday evening. The registration team needs to pre-prepare the athlete bags (with T-shirts, number transfers, etc), and set up the registration desks with signage.

Volunteer registration:

The registration team (volunteers are not assigned this as a team, but volunteers from other teams will be assigned to this team just for Friday afternoon/evening).

All volunteers need to be checked in & given their T-shirts, food vouchers etc. The registration team needs to organise the stash, vouchers etc ready to hand to volunteers as they arrive. Given that volunteers need to be the first to arrive, the volunteer registration team needs to be the first there!