Finals WOD 4


For time.
1 handstand pushup
10 back squats 60/40kg
2 handstand pushups
9 back squats
3 handstand pushups
8 back squats
4 handstand pushups
7 back squats
5 handstand pushups
6 back squats
6 handstand pushups
5 back squats
7 handstand pushups
4 back squats
8 handstand pushups
3 back squats
9 handstand pushups
2 back squats
10 handstand pushups
1 back squat

Heneghan's notes:
"This sees the athletes get upside down for the first time. Having looked at the athletes that have qualified and the range of standards we know will be at the event this could be the first time we really see the elite athletes break away from the pack. The squats offer an unusual movement not often seen in competition, and athletes that have a tendency to muscle through a back squat will pay the price with severe midline fatigue likely due to the hand stand push ups. In testing, non-qualifying athletes have gone through this workout in sub 8 minutes, so expect to see unbroken efforts from the gymnastics ninjas."

Watch it go down in person: