Finals WOD 2


In 12 minutes set a 1 rep max on the following two complexes:

1 snatch + 1 hang snatch

1 hang clean + 1 front squat + 1 jerk

Score is total weight lifted.

Heneghan's notes:
"An archetypal strength test. At The Athlete Games we tested raw strength, for The British Championships we are looking at the Olympic lifts. This time we are using 2 complexes. This will be time for the strength athletes to shine, however technique will be king. In years gone by it was common to see some pretty unconventional lifts score high with a few lifts calling for a pillow to hide behind to watch. However over the last few years we have noticed a growing trend that the technical lifters are scoring high. This workout is a classic example of where logistics have played a huge part. In an optimal situation the technical lifts would be performed as the first workout, when the CNS system is fresh and the athletes are not too fatigued. However with the 5km run not being very spectator friendly it needed to be first, to give the spectators time to get a few coffees in before their arrival! However as a compromise we have given the athletes over an hour to recover post run before the max lift. Chance for the spectators to check out the breaking muscle tent or maybe participate in a yoga session with the Lululemon crew."

See it live: