Finals WOD 1


For time.
Run 5km

Each WOD announcement will be accompanied by a short note from Director of Programming, Jack Heneghan, as an introduction to the workout, what the workout aims to test and how it fits into the programming strategy for the overall event weekend.

"Due to the world class venue and location this year we are able to hold a classic endurance test: a 5km run. Rumours of the swim were well founded and that was our original plan, but as this was the first time at a new venue with a new format we wanted to iron out the kinks before adding in a second venue, you never know what will come up at The Super Team Cup in October! Competitions have classically lacked the longer workouts because logistically it was not possible. So, this year it will be interesting to see if the athletes usually found at the top of the pile will be found wanting in this area. Looking at the leaderboard we think there will be some new names at the top coming out of workout 1, and performing poorly in one event can prove very costly to athletes without a well-rounded game."

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