The Seeded Athletes

The British competitors at The Athlete Games were incredible. They were so good in fact that we decided they'd earned themselves a bye through the qualifying stage of The British Championships. We sent out the invites and 40 male and 29 female finalists accepted their places in the finals in London in July, this leaves 60 places and 71 places respectively unclaimed for the highest placing athletes in the online qualifier. Only 100 of each gender go to the finals.

The names of the confirmed athletes (in no particular order) are below:

Zak Mundy
Stefan Little
Robert Manlove
Simon Greenwood
Steve Bunn
Leigh Bevan
Darren Hotten
Cameron Nichol
Peter Howe
Nick Cantwell
Jamie Fry
Alex Younger
Harry Ellis
Chris Mason
Joe Blaylock
Lance Burgener
Ben Sawyer
Benjamin Massey
Kyle Knight
Callum Campbell
Craig Punton
Spencer Whiteley
Richard Vint
Andrew Kearton
Jamie Martin
Barry Mairs
Sean Hardwick
David Shorunke
Shane Williams
Simon Dunn
Tino Marini
Chris Templeman
Michael Palmer
Matt Rodwell
Mitchell Adams
Martyn Lever
Jamie Walton
Liam Holborn
Gareth Iles
Michael Holmes

Louise Batho
Charlotte Smith
Stephanie Knapp
Helen Waters
Hannah Adkins
Gabriella Pereira
Oakley Woodhouse
Kara Halliwell
Kelly Friel
Amanda Wolthuizen
Keziah Wright
Kate Would
Samantha Cubbins
Hannah Wilson
Nisha Purewal
Steph Dekker
Fran Calvert
Victoria Elliott
Emma Mcquaid
Becky Pykett
Laura Hughes
Hayley Knowles
Pippa Alford
Caroline Williams
Megan Lovegrove
Melanie Saiz
Jodie Urwin
Becky Standen
Charlotte Spence